What they say

They say silence is golden; John Cage claimed that silence doesn’t exist; Vader sang “the absence of noise does not mean silence”.

Either way; I’ve been rather silent with regards to my music, even though plans have come and gone. Something went missing, something I can’t put my finger on.

I have plenty of time to make music, but I just don’t and it annoys me. And then the circle starts to take shape. I get tired of it too quickly. I rarely record anything if I actually take the time, and when I do, it’s never as good as when I don’t record it.

New equipment has been bought, old has been sold; the hunt for the perfect(tm) machine/setup continues. Maybe that is part of the problem. Nothing has _that_ feeling that I’m after, and the music (making) suffers.

There are also releases waiting to see the light of day, but they don’t. Most of them are complete, just waiting to be burned, but something stops me. I have too many questions that I know the partial answers to.

As I was making dinner a few hours ago an idea popped into my head, it wouldn’t be hard to get started on it tonight, but again; something’s stopping me. Is it laziness? Or what?

I don’t know. We’ll see.

Will the music return?

It’s been a while since I posted something here, and even longer since I made any music. I’ve been thinking about my lack of music making quite a lot in the past few weeks, and I think I’ve realized what’s wrong…

I’m unable to make the music I want to make because I don’t know what kind of music I want to make. I also have no idea how to find out what it is I want to make. I get plenty of ideas, but it’s nothing that’ll last for more than one song, and that just feels pointless to make. To me, music making is about putting your own energy and feeling into the music, but somehow I’m unable to feel the energy I used to.

Waiting for the energy to come and inspiration to strike is also a bad move, so essentially I’m stuck in an endless loop that doesn’t make any music. I want to change it, but I can’t figure out how. Of course, I could just sit and mess around with a sound to see where it leads, but I’ve always been quite set in my way to start making a track – and fighting that routine is hard.

Another part of the problem is that I don’t feel like making dark ambient, maybe not even ambient(!), anymore. But what to do if not that? Maybe I’m too stuck thinking about genres? I should just say “fuck it” and get started somewhere, somehow, sometime.

I’ll try to fight the lack of energy, and I’ll see you when I see you.

Summarizing 2012

It’s the last day of 2012 so I might as well look back and see what I’ve done through the year, just like I did in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

One album, one compilation, three EP’s, one split and two gigs. One project sent to the grave, and another born.

It was a very idle year, for many different reasons. Work being the most obvious one. Anyway, in April my friends’ son was baptized, and my gift to him was a limited lathe cut with his own screams.

In the of May I travelled to Umeå with Manifesto and Audio.Warfare (RIP) to play at Noisebath. It went well and I managed to sell some records.

The first day of July saw the light of a split release with M. Zetterberg and M. Åberg.

A somewhat rainy day in August I played at Galleri 1 in Uppsala while a dancer performed.

September brought Reversed Obesity‘s Mourning Ritual, which was later followed by Dirt and it also marked the death of the project, after five years.

Gråzon was founded and will hopefully grow stronger during 2013.

And as usual my birthday tradition kept on living as I turned 29 only two weeks ago.

To-do list for 2012.

  • Release vinyl crackling album
    Nope, but it was completed and at least sent to one label.
  • Release of the Hjort / Zetterberg / Åberg split
  • Release of Reversed Obesity – Dirt
    Hell yes.
  • Finish the escalator project
    Not even close.
  • Complete the “secret” compilation
  • Gig(s)
    Yeah, two.

What will hopefully be done next year:

  • Release VNL (aka vinyl crackling album)
  • Release of BDSM inspired EP
  • Complete the escalator project
  • Record and release the Gråzon debut
  • More work based on field recordings
  • Gigs

Jumping on the 12-12-12 bandwagon

At first I thought of doing some very silly ideas for 12-12-12 but eventually decided against it. Instead I would write about and explain my silly ideas, but no matter how many times I rewrote the text it always ended up sounding way too pretentious.

Finally I decided to make a 12-second track just for the hell of it, and well, I also ended up making an alternative version (which is really the same track, just with effects added on pretty much everything).


12-12-12 (Original Version): Download or stream.
12-12-12 (FX Version): Download or stream.

The real 50 Shades of Grey

I just made this.

Relevant: Jasper Fforde.

Introducing Dust

Not too long ago I started another project; its name is Dust, and because of its slow production process there won’t be many frequent updates.

At the moment it’s at its second step and that will take at least three to four weeks, the third step will most likely take about half of that.

The project has no set deadline but I hope it will be out on deersound before the year is over. To get the most recent updates about Dust I’d advice you to check my Facebook or Twitter.

I feel like I could…

Take on the world!


It should come as no surprise that I’m a big fan of Day of the Tentacle.

So it really made my day when the girl from UPS called and said that she had a package for me.

The beauty above is what came in the package, and I’ve been waiting for a while for it since the original design had a flaw.

Now I just need to figure out the best place in the apartment for it.

Also, this post is me trying the WordPress Android app.

One of fifty

I recently got the killerpack of Bong-Ra‘s album Monolith. Click each image for a bigger version.

The vinyl, or should I say vinyls.

Sadly, they had been abused by the postal service.

Inside the gatefold case was a poster.

A toetag with some information on, including my name missing the J in Hjort.

The toetag is on the totebag which holds…

… the evidence bag, which has…

… the t-shirt in it.






And when you unfold the t-shirt you find the stickers and pins.


Introducing Pipe Monotron Sessions

As of last week I have a new side/jam project, its title is Pipe Monotron Sessions. And the title says what it is, me smoking my pipe and playing with (one of) my Monotron (Delays).

For the first session I used a pair of really old PC speakers to hear what I was playing, but I wasn’t too happy with the result. On the second session, which was recorded yesterday, I used my earbuds. The downside of that was that I needed to keep the volume pretty low on both the digital recorder and the Monotron, in order to not damage my ears.

I’ll probably experiment more in getting the perfect volume, both for recording and playing. But in the meantime, listen to, and download, May 2nd and May 8th on SoundCloud.

I’ll most likely end up uploading “old” sessions to some cyberlocker, or even Archive.org, in the future since SoundCloud only allows 2 hours worth of sounds unless you pay.

Live in May

I’ll be using the new love of my life; Korg Monotron Delay.