Party music

Today I’m leaving Uppsala for Gräsö to spend midsummer. There will be a couple of days drinking large amounts of alcohol, talking to people and listening to music.

Originally, L was supposed to bring the music, but since she won’t be arriving at the same time as the rest we were faced to either go with no music or go through my collection. It’s not something the rest wanted to do, but M were all out of CDR’s so he couldn’t do it.

However, I had to check all songs with O before I burned them because people don’t trust me with music since they don’t think I actually listen to music.

Here’s the tracklist:
01. BBC Radio – Hitler is dead
02. Thomas Tydal – Popcorn
03. Hampton The Hamster – The Hamsterdance Song (Club Mix)
04. Looptroop – Fort Europa
05. Snap – The Power
06. No Doubt – Sixteen
07. Kalle Baah – Falska löften
08. Just D – Jag sköt sheriffen
09. Daft Punk – Human After All
10. Beatfanatic – Jorden Skall Kalla (Earth)
11. Canibus – 33 3’s
12. Infected Mushroom – I’m The Supervisor
13. Kalle Baah – Ny hjälte
14. Scooter – Fire
15. Just D – Hubba bubba
16. Infected Mushroom – Frog Machine
17. Kalle Baah – Bulleribock
18. The Prodigy – Firestarter

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