Monthly Archives: July 2009

Not that spiritual

The new album is now complete, except for the artwork – but I’m gonna start with that tomorrow. The title will not be Spiritual Identity as I wrote in the previous post. There will be five tracks, clocking in at almost 60 minutes.


Four tracks done, 51:57 minutes, for Spiritual Identity. Though I’m not completely sure about the title of the album yet, even if I know how the artwork is going to look. I might end up doing another track. We’ll see.

Bleak release

A couple of hours ago I got word that Bleak will be released on Witte Dood Records sooner or later. Once I know the actual date, I’ll make a post about it. The track itself is a bit over 22 minutes long and is dark and somewhat droney. I’ll upload a sample eventually.


The Year of the Deer track for July was almost done when I took a 3 kilometer long walk in the summer heat, during the walk I realized that I’d rather see the track on a release of its own. So I started working on another track for July, which so far is going well. […]

Portfolio, a drag.

For quite some time I’ve been meaning to remake my personal portfolio site and last night I sat down with some good music and got started. So far I’ve only completed writing stuff about the full length albums, but I intend to complete the EP’s before I go to bed. Once the portfolio is all […]

Collaborations, part one

I have known Tarmskrap for some time, but we have never really collaborated, the same goes for La Nausée although I have known him longer. But they have both contributed to some of my many projects. However, this time we’ve decided to team up and collaborate on an ambient CDR which will be released on […]

Winter during summer?

I was listening to Venetian Snares‘ album Meathole from 2005 as I was walking into town to grab a coffee with O. And all of a sudden I got a flashback from winter 2006 when I was working outside in the snow, listening to the same album. It felt weird to remember, and almost feel, […]


First day of July means a new part of 2009: Year of the Deer. And I already have some ideas for the July track, think drone-ish meets field recordings of kids playing. However, I’m not sure it’ll turn out that way, but atleast it’s an idea I have.