Monthly Archives: August 2009

Vacation music

On Sunday I’m going to a town on Crete, Greece with O and M. Rather than bringing a whole bunch of cd’s O bought a flash drive which he put some music on, then M got the drive and put some other music on it. Now it’s my turn… As I’ve written before, I’m not […]

Release: Bleak

I just got word that Bleak has been released on Witte Dood Records, though it will take some time to get the artist copies (I only get 3 out of 33). Will post pictures as soon as I have any. Now I’m off to bed, got an interview tomorrow.

Release: Not That Human

So today, or yesterday depending on how you look at things, I released my first album using my real name. The album is my darkest so far, and it contains five tracks and is almost an hour long. It costs 50 SEK (including shipping) and there are 15 copies. I still haven’t gotten around to […]

Bark at the moon

Back when I lived with my parents, my room was placed so it would always be possible for me to see the moon. Now in my apartment, I can’t see the moon. I don’t know why, but there’s always been something with the moon that interests me. I’m sad that I can’t look up at […]


This message will follow in Swedish: Den 12 augusti släpper Johan Hjort sitt första album med sitt riktiga namn på det egna skivbolaget deersound. För att fira detta hålls en releasefika på Landings konditori i S:t Per i Uppsala. Det hela pågår från klockan ett till ungefär klockan fyra. Skivan heter Not That Human och […]


Finally! I’ve just made my portfolio website public. Sat till five this morning writing on it. The biography alone took about an hour and a half.

A new month

With a new month means a new track for Year of the Deer. And this time it’s 4:50 minutes shorter than the previous songs, mainly because the work with Bleak and Not That Human has taken up most of my creative thinking. Speaking of which, I have no idea when Bleak will be out, but […]