Monthly Archives: September 2009

Finland! Yay!

I’ll be spending christmas and new year’s eve in Finland with a bunch of friends. Really looking forward to it. Though it’s gonna be a bit odd cause I’ve always spent it with family and friends here in Sweden. Still, why not try different things?

Tuesday troubles

No, not really. Yesterday I started on the track for September, got some interesting sounds so far – we’ll see how it ends up. Should get started on the deersound website and prepare to move the content from The sounds of Hjorten to The works of Johan Hjort. Also, if you’re interested, I started twittering […]

Är jag delaktig till en dundersuccé?

Idag publicerade Aftonbladet ett web-tvinslag om ett videoklipp på Youtube som jag la upp i början av augusti. Jag har inget att göra med klippet, förutom att jag just la upp det. Det var en bekant som hade kommenterat på klippet på Facebook och jag tittade på det och skrattade mig fördärvad, därefter sparade jag […]

Release: Perfect Failure

You Are Ten‘s first full length album, Perfect Failure, has now been released on Amduscias Records. It has been complete since early 2007, and some final touches were made in November the same year. But I never really got around to ask any labels if they were interested in it, until very recently. It’s different […]

Gig report

My gig at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress this Saturday went absolutely perfect. I had my usual setup of pedals and included a “noise kit” that O and M gave me on my 25th birthday, I also used a baking form which I used on my first gig in 2007. The background video started off with […]

Bleak (Friend Version)

Bleak was released on Witte Dood Records a while ago and was limited to 33 copies, I got 3 artist copies. And since I’ve sent two away, and kept one for myself, I have no more copies to give/sell to friends. That’s why I decided to make a friend version, it contains the song found […]

November gig cancelled

I was meant to play a sound collage set in November, but due to too few participants the gig had to be cancelled. Too bad, I was looking forward to it. But I guess I can still try to teach myself how AudioMulch works.

Translation and video

I’m working on translating an interview I did with Uppsala Fria, I’ve gone through it roughly and will eventually let Rec go through it to see if I’ve missed anything. Last night I finished the video projection for my gig on Saturday, interestingly it was 20 minutes long in Premiere but once rendered it was […]

New month and split

As always, every new month, I’ve uploaded the previous month’s track for Year of the Deer. At this early hour and work coming up I haven’t really got much to say about it, other than that it’s soothing with some freaky moments. In other news; while I was on vacation a split I appear on […]