Gig report

My gig at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress this Saturday went absolutely perfect. I had my usual setup of pedals and included a “noise kit” that O and M gave me on my 25th birthday, I also used a baking form which I used on my first gig in 2007.

The background video started off with a ballbusting clip and then turned into colors which changed through out, also shown were photos taken on different places.

The gig was built on four sound files:
1. A fanfare sampled from a Monty Python movie. 10 seconds long and mainly meant as a sort of intro while the ballbusting clip was shown.
2. A cut up prayer tape, originally used in the Year of the Deer track for January. The same file was used at my gig at Skrivarlyan earlier this year.
3. Lots of different speech samples. Among others were Bill Hicks, Richard Nixon, John F Kennedy, Angry Nintendo Nerd and Martin Luther King.
4. Cut up samples from Duck and Cover.

Sadly I didn’t get around to record it or even have someone take photos of it, but here’s a short review written by a guy who’s a member on discogs:

Hjorten did good. A powerful noise gig with a lot of structure, rhythm and loops without becoming square or slow. A good gesture to place a wooden dildo in front of the table. It was also used as a sound source on at least one occasion. Except the usual pedals I noticed a meat hammer model big, a pot and a baking form of metal. Good flow even though I would’ve wanted the volume to be higher.

Another fun thing about the gig was that I met a lot of people, it was especially fun to meet Markus (of Two Left Hands On Two Right Arms) for the first time.

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