Monthly Archives: October 2009

Holy Halloween!

No, this post has nothing to do with Halloween. It has everything to do with Batman, cause these brand new shirts arrived today: And now for close ups: The title of the blogpost is a quote from Batman (1966) – you should watch it today, cause it’s great!

A whole lotta noise

Hell yeah. I’m all done ripping Merzbow’s Merzbox. It took roughly ten minutes to rip each cd, add another minute to put next one in, rename the directory of the ripped cd, and run the lowercase/playlist program. Then multiply that by 50. Ugh. The result, however, is worth the time I’ve spent. 4,48 GB 215 […]

50 pieces of plastic

Anyone fairly into noise and/or Merzbow should atleast have heard about Merzbox before. If you haven’t:  it’s a collection of 50 CD’s of Merzbow‘s albums. It’s nowhere near his complete discography, but a document of how he has evolved as a noise artist throughout the years. I bought it in 2007 and have only listened […]

Sudden inspiration

It’s funny, I haven’t really felt like making much music lately. I had an evening last week where I wanted to get started, but instead ended up adding and sorting new VST’s. However, after drinking coffee and talking to Manifesto for a couple of hours earlier today, inspiration struck me. It also helped looking at […]

New deersound website

As of today the brand new deersound webiste is online. A couple of days ago the coding nerve started itching so I sat down and made a simple sketch of how it would look. And I actually made it look exactly how I wanted, though it looks a bit dodgy in Internet Explorer 7. Not […]

Return of the lists (?)

In an attempt to move some sub-pages from to here I’ve now added my DVD and gig lists. It’ll be easier to keep track of, and update, them. And might also be of some interest to however reads this.

Digital Versatile Annoyance

I’ve been spending my first few days of sick leave re-watching Scrubs on DVD. The nordic versions of season 1-4 is working nicely, but when I today started watching season 5 I noticed a rather annoying thing; the total length isn’t show. Only the length of the current episode. So there’s no way for me […]


At 11:45 yesterday I looked at the clock as I got sedated. I woke up properly around 18:20. The rest of the evening was spent in bed, with only three attempts to get up, almost fainted. Today was spent mostly in bed, watching a movie. Ate some horrible hospital food, walked around the ward a […]

Another new month

A new month of course means another YOTD track, though it was uploaded one day late. I blame my laziness as well as my hospital visit yesterday. Anyway, the track for September has some rather interesting and odd sound sources, like an organ that was played at the Freemasons in Uppsala, Sweden and oddly processed […]