50 pieces of plastic

Anyone fairly into noise and/or Merzbow should atleast have heard about Merzbox before. If you haven’t:  it’s a collection of 50 CD’s of Merzbow‘s albums. It’s nowhere near his complete discography, but a document of how he has evolved as a noise artist throughout the years.

I bought it in 2007 and have only listened to one of the albums so far. Though, today I decided that I would rip all of the albums and put them on my computer. So far I’ve only ripped ten of them, but it shouldn’t take too long to rip the 40 that are left.

To ease up the naming and playlist process I modified a program I made several years ago. What it does is that it turns all the filenames into lowercase and creates an m3u file. Not that it takes much time to do it manually, but hey – I have to do it on 50 albums…

Any typos and/or weird sentences in this post is met with the following statement: It’s 04:29 in the morning and I’m about to fall asleep.

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