Digital Versatile Annoyance

I’ve been spending my first few days of sick leave re-watching Scrubs on DVD. The nordic versions of season 1-4 is working nicely, but when I today started watching season 5 I noticed a rather annoying thing; the total length isn’t show. Only the length of the current episode. So there’s no way for me to know how many episodes there are left on the disc. No biggie, but still annoying. Plus, on season 5 it takes longer to skip between the episodes compared to the previous seasons.

And on a related note, I really don’t like my living room dvd player. It has no memory what so ever. If I start watching an episode (or a movie) and then pause it, it will eventually show a screensaver, which isn’t a problem. The thing is that once the screensaver has been on for a while (dunno how long, maybe 15 minutes), the dvd player automatically shuts off. But that’s not the problem. The problem is that the dvd player won’t remember where it shut off, so I have to start over choosing the language and the other settings, not to mention that I’m forced to watch the annoying anti-piracy notices. I know it’s a very stupid problem, but it’s still something that get on my nerves.

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