Confusion, eh?

Earlier this week I sent Necrophilip, also known as La Nausée, a bunch of my releases. He has now gotten them, and this was said on IRC:

<@Necrophilip> please don’t make any more “Not”-albums by Johan Hjort
<@Necrophilip> unless thats what you want to specifically do
<@Hjorten> why not?
<@Necrophilip> ;-););)
<@Hjorten> because of the confusion?
<@Necrophilip> I C WHAT U DID THERE
<@Necrophilip> because of the confusion.
<@Hjorten> confusion?
<@Hjorten> who said anything about confusion?
<@Hjorten> heh, there’s a title right there; because of the confusion?
<@Hjorten> or rather; NOT because of the confusion?

And now for something worthwhile: I have roughly over 30 minutes of new piano recordings (as well as a broken guitar) that will be used on the “sequel” for Not What I Thought.

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