Digital Versatile Annoyance, part deux.

Yet again, I’m annoyed on a DVD related issue.

I like buying DVD‘s.
I like Jimmy Carr.

So I figured I’d buy his new DVD, Telling Jokes. But that was easier sad than done. wants 139 SEK (ex. shipping) for it, as does So I check some Swedish sites; and of the ones I checked (Webhallen, Megastore, Discshop, CDON, Ginza, SubDVD) – Megastore was the only one that had it, and they want 215 SEK (ex. shipping). Not only is that too much for a DVD, it would also take over a week to get it, and the shipping would probably land at around 30 SEK.

So, why don’t I order from the UK sites? Laziness, for one. But also because I need to create an account on the sites just to check how much the shipping would cost, and how long it would take to get it.

My solution?
Wait till a Swedish store gets it at a reasonable price, which will probably take a long time.

Or I could just download it… But as I stated earlier, I like buying DVD’s.

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