Selling out

I have released several albums and ep’s, almost too many to count (actually 12, on deersound alone). And of all of those almost none have sold out, granted; that’s not my main goal, but it’s nice when it happens.

Av / På sold out pretty quickly, mainly because it was only limited to five copies. Then there was World with its seven copies. Now Not What I Thought is close to selling out after having been out for less than a month. I actually only have one copy left (out of 13, though) to sell, and when I do I’ll buy myself a fancy beer and celebrate.

The bad thing about making very limited releases is that few people get to hear them, the good thing is that I don’t need to spend a whole lot of money on releases that few will want to hear/buy. Plus, I’d like to think whoever buys a release feels that it’s exclusive because of the work I put into the artwork (and the music, of course) and its limited number of copies.

When Uppe heard the samples from Not What I Thought, right before he bought it, he said something like: If you keep on doing music like this, you’ll be able to make some money.

And sure, it’s easier to make money on something that is more accessible, but is that what I want? I don’t know, but what I do know, or notice rather, is that what I do changes and differs from album to album. Mostly because of how I feel and how my mind is set when I start working on something.

I do however doubt that I’ll be making dance music any time soon, if ever. I’d probably be able to make more money then, but that’s not why I’m doing what I do.

So, am I selling out because what I do changes? No. Are other artists selling out because what they do sounds different from before? I don’t know.

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