Monthly Archives: December 2009

Summarizing 2009

Three albums, five EP’s, one split, one compilation and two gigs. All in all, a pretty idle year if you only count the actual releases, but if you count the work I’ve put down, it wasn’t so idle after all. 018: Experimental took a lot of energy to get done, and not just deciding on […]

Release: 26

Just like last year I brought my recorder along to work. Then I recorded a whole bunch of sounds, though most sounds were recorded on my way back home to the apartment. More info can be found on the deersound website. I’ll add it on eventually.

It’s time to celebrate: I’ve joined a gang

It’s true; I’ve joined a gang and this is our gang sign. A bit complicated to do on your own, though.

Return of Hjort of the week, sort of.

As the title states, Hjort of the week will return. Sort of. I won’t be doing any more pictures, but I will remake the website and make it public again. That’s all for now.

Late interview translation

I’ve mentioned before that I was working on an English translation of an interview I did earlier this year, in July to be exact, and now it’s finally done. Thanks to Rec and Katti for proof-reading it. Nothing else to report, yet.

Don’t be alarmed – it’s only techno

Two days ago I bought a new mobile/cell phone since my old one was close to giving up, though it had served me well since I bought it back in 2004 or 2005. With the new mobile/cell phone in hand I realized that the alarm was far from good. I didn’t trust it to wake […]

Once again, a new month.

Here we go, the final(?) time I write a post about a single Year of the Deer track. December is here and so is the November track. As both inspiration and motivation has been a bit on the low side this track was pretty much rushed in a couple of hours, not my best track […]