Summarizing 2009

Three albums, five EP’s, one split, one compilation and two gigs.

All in all, a pretty idle year if you only count the actual releases, but if you count the work I’ve put down, it wasn’t so idle after all.

018: Experimental took a lot of energy to get done, and not just deciding on the tracklist, but everything around it. The release party, artwork, sending out review copies (haven’t seen a single review yet, which sucks ass) and so on.

Year of the Deer went rather well, there was only one track that was shorter than the 10 minutes I had aimed for. And I’m currently working on getting the last track together. Though I won’t repeat this project for a couple of years, and maybe next time it will just be released after a year, and no complete previews to download. I don’t know, haven’t really evaluated it yet.

Those have been the two major projects I’ve been working on, and luckily I’ve been able to do other side-projects inbetween.

With Random acts of music a new project named dawned, You Are Ten. The name later appeared with the full length album Perfect Failure, which had been done since spring of 2007.  You Are Ten will be anything that Hjorten isn’t, and also not used as frequent as other names.

On Not That Human I used my real name for the first time (if you don’t count the intro on 018: Experimental), and the album itself was different from what I had done before, it was darker and more spiritual. It was described by one person as “Lustmord” sounding, which of course is a great compliment.

Also released using my real name was the EP Not What I Thought, this was also different as it was very minimal ambient. And obviously inspired by Brian Eno.

Electricity was also another album that had been done for quite some time but was released “late”. It, yet again, didn’t sound like anything I had done before.

The first gig of 2009 was at Augustin Erba‘s book release party on a rainy day in May. Despite the weather and that I would’ve wanted more people to see it (like always) I’m happy with it, and I also got to try out some source material I hadn’t used before. Which of course leads us to the second gig which was at UKK; I used new source material (except for the prayer tape) and was a wee bit drunk on whiskey – but that helped to shape the gig in a good way.

During 2009 I was also interviewed by Uppsala Fria which, as far as I can tell, didn’t lead to any more sales or new fans, but it’s all good. An interview is an interview.

In very recently, just a couple of days ago actually, the fifth EP of the year was released. It’s the second release in a tradition I started last year, its title is my age; 26.

So what does 2010 hold for deersound and I?

And probably a lot more, but only time will tell.

By the way, there are still copies of 018: Experimental left. You should buy one, or ten, for you and your friends. They’ll like it.

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