Monthly Archives: February 2010

I’ll do it “tomorrow”…

The artwork for the CDR version of YOTD was done on Sunday, so I figured I’d walk to the printer on Monday. I didn’t do that. So I thought I’d do it today, but I didn’t. So I thought I’d do it tomorrow, but I won’t. I could do it on Thursday, but I probably […]

Valentine’s Day

I’m not much for celebrating things. I do however enjoy my own traditions. One I’ve had for a couple of years is finding a picture and adding some text to it, every Valentine’s Day. And of course I did so this year as well. Click for full-size version

Interview, review and album progress

As previously mentioned I was interviewed by the local newspaper, and I’ve finally gotten around to translate it into English. And I’ve also translated the reivew of Year of the Deer. Speaking of YOTD, all there’s left before the CDR can be released is the artwork and getting it printed. Not sure when that will […]