Monthly Archives: March 2010

Staring into a full sample

Last night I finished the last track for Staring Into Strange Eyes, now there’s “only” the artwork and burning process left. But I’m not gonna rush it. And since I’m feeling generous today, here’s the first track off the album. Free to download, forever and ever. Johan Hjort – When I walk through rain 7.28MB […]

I’m a bootlegger, yes I am.

As mentioned before I’ve got three EP’s coming up on Witte Dood and just like before, I’m gonna do a friend version of them. Actually, I’m already done with it, as you can see below. Though, I’ll have to wait until I give it to people since the EP’s haven’t been released yet. But still, […]

YOTD CDR and attack of the inspiration

So the CDR version of YOTD came out today. Limited to 12 copies, with a couple already gone (pre-orders and such). The release itself is packed into 3 cdr’s, and I’ve tweaked the sounds and samples of the tracks just to make it better. Some minor re-arrangements have also been made. Haven’t figured out the […]

Artwork, tattoo and cable.

First things first, earlier today I dropped off the YOTD artwork at the printer’s, I’ll be getting it on Friday, so YOTD should be out early next week. I also went by my favorite tattoo studio with some 20 pictures on a USB memory, and he thought they looked like fun. So in the end […]

Change of tunes

Walking to, and from, work without music would be hard for me to do. Even walking home from O‘s place without music is hard, and that takes about ten minutes. As you might understand, I need music to work in society and among my friends. Today I removed all previous albums from my mp3 player […]