YOTD CDR and attack of the inspiration

So the CDR version of YOTD came out today. Limited to 12 copies, with a couple already gone (pre-orders and such). The release itself is packed into 3 cdr’s, and I’ve tweaked the sounds and samples of the tracks just to make it better. Some minor re-arrangements have also been made. Haven’t figured out the price yet cause I don’t know how much shipping would be. But for Swedes, around 100 SEK.

Yesterday I walked into town to record the Fyris river, sadly there was too much ice to get to the best places, but I managed to get some stuff recorded. With the hydrophones I bought a while ago, and the cable I got last week, it’s so much fun to record. And today I recorded the piano at work for a final track for SISE.

However, I won’t be able to get SISE done until the ice goes away cause I need to properly record water in order to fix the final things.

Also, while I was walking around yesterday, I came up with an idea for an album title and its artwork. Now I just need to record the tracks… I guess that will be the project for spring, heh.

And yeah, the silent apartments project I started with Manifesto and Mrcien is done. At least when it comes to the music. We have some ideas for the title and the artwork, but haven’t decided on anything yet. We’ve also decided to start looking for a label to release it on (you run a label and wanna release it, contact me!).

That’s pretty much it for now. When I get home I need to update the Johan Hjort website with information about YOTD.

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