Monthly Archives: May 2010

Remixed RNB

Not much to tell, still waiting on the EP’s from Witte Dood. Remixed a Kolme Euroo track, listen below: Kolme Euroo – Yvitupiuano (Lazy switch remix by Hjorten)

Musical change

In march I replaced all the music on my mp3 player, and just as I got home from work today, the last song was played. I took me quite a while to choose the albums to replace the old ones with, but I got a nice mix. Much I haven’t listened to in years, and […]

Rådata is raw

Late 2008 I started making a long track composed of raw data extracted from exe and dll files. My intention was to release it on deersound as a 3″ CDR, but never got around to it. In 2009 I made a video for the track, but it is lost somewhere. I also made a second […]