Rådata is raw

Late 2008 I started making a long track composed of raw data extracted from exe and dll files. My intention was to release it on deersound as a 3″ CDR, but never got around to it. In 2009 I made a video for the track, but it is lost somewhere. I also made a second track in the same sense during 2009.

And just a couple of days ago, I listened to the second track, and of course got inspired enough to start making a third track. Earlier today I was all done with it, though it’s five minutes shorter than the previous two. Still, the whole release is 1:10 hours long.

Though the music might be complete, the artwork is far from it. I haven’t even thought about it. My goal is, however, to get it released on another label than deersound. I’m gonna start looking for labels that might be interested and then send out some e-mails and/or letters.

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