Monthly Archives: June 2010

Vuvuzela Electronica Generica

Swedish electronica composer/producer Håkan Lidbo has been asked by Swedish Radio P2 to create a vuvuzela song. It’s not surprising at all. I’m also assuming the song itself won’t be surprising or anything different from what he’s done before. I have nothing personal against Håkan, but I find his music (while well-produced) boring. There are […]


Download the “lost track” of Paraphilia (aka my friend version bootleg) all for free! Pyrophilia. 22:12 minutes. VBR MP3. 29,6MB.

The future of change

As of today, my last three EP’s on Witte Dood have been released. And yesterday I found out that I’ll be playing a gig in the end of September, I’ve already started planning for it, and I think it’ll be great. Decided that I’m gonna do a sort of “megamix”, meaning a bunch of my […]