The future of change

As of today, my last three EP’s on Witte Dood have been released. And yesterday I found out that I’ll be playing a gig in the end of September, I’ve already started planning for it, and I think it’ll be great. Decided that I’m gonna do a sort of “megamix”, meaning a bunch of my own tracks which I will somehow edit and tweak while they’re being played.

In label-related news; deersound now has a sub-label called Underljud. The new addition will focus on the stuff that is too weird and/or random for deersound, but also handle the latters digital releases. The sub-label won’t just release mp3’s, though. It’ll be releases on any media (mainly CDR’s obviously) I see fit.

First out on Underljud will be an EP of amens. More info to come in a week or two.

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