Monthly Archives: July 2010

Release: Amendurå!

Not long ago I released a new EP, called Amendurå!, on Underljud. It’s most likely going to be the only breakcore/jungle focused release I’ll do.

Maybe I was wrong

As I’ve previously mentioned, Håkan Lidbo was commissioned to create a vuvuzela track by Swedish Radio. And I thought it would sound like generic electronica, but it actually doesn’t. That said, I personally don’t think the track itself is exciting. It’s rather bland and it could’ve been any track if it weren’t for the new-found […]

It’s on!

Another project of mine is now in motion. The basic idea is recomposing/decomposing a track of mine. It all started when Audio.Warfare mentioned a thing on Facebook, to which I replied, and I got  a reply back, and I replied to that as well. I recorded some sounds, made a track out of them, then […]