Summarizing 2010

The year is about to end so why not do like last year; summarize what has happened.

One album, six EP’s, one split, one compilation, one gig and of course a brand new label. A lot less than last year, but still a productive year.

It all started in January with the digital release of Year of the Deer, it was released as the tracks had been uploaded onto the YOTD website. Then in March the physical release came along, and I had spent quite some time fixing lots of small stuff on each track that had been annoying me.

Dendrophilia, Nasophilia and Trichophilia were released on Witte Dood in June, shortly thereafter Paraphilia: A trilogy was released. It featured the three EP’s plus two bonus tracks; one of which was released as a free MP3 here on the blog.

The end of July brought the brand new label Underljud and its first release was an EP called Amendurå!.

In September I once again played at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress. It was my first laptop gig, and I’m always hoping for more.

Manifesto and I teamed up in October and released a split called 2×10.

As usual, on December 17th, the tradition lived on as I celebrated my 27th birthday.

And just yesterday Music to fuck to was released on Pigdurt Productions but I haven’t gotten my artist copies yet.

So there you have it folks, 2010 in just a few paragraphs. But let’s go back to 2009, what did I think was going to happen in 2010 then?

  • The release of Year of the Deer
    Yes, that happened.
  • A sequel to Not What I Thought
    It’s still in production, most of the tracks need to be re-arranged.
  • The Hjort / Zetterberg / Åberg split
    It was completed, and sent to a few labels, but no word yet.
  • The Hjorten / La Nausée / IOK-1 collab
    Words were spoken, ideas pondered. But nothing concrete.
  • A new Reversed Obesity release
    Not even close.
  • Three EP’s on Witte Dood

So what do I think will happen in 2011?

  • Release of Staring Into Strange Eyes (aka the Not What I Thought sequel)
  • Hjorten / La Nausée collab
  • Release of a “secret” compilation project
  • A full length album based on field recordings
  • A compilation based on vinyl crackling
  • Gig(s)

Until next year, have a good one!

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