Recordings that just keep on going

Today I set out with my faithful Edirol R-09 to record the escalators downtown. I didn’t really know how many locations I would be recording at, but I had an estimate in my head.

My first stop was Uppsala Konsert & Kongress but I was told by a security guard that the place was closed for the public and that I would have to come back tomorrow (so that’s what I’m gonna do). The next stop was the train station; I started recording inside for a good ten-fifteen minutes and I got some good material. Out of three escalators on the outside, only two were working – and they were only going down. So I had to walk up, record, walk up again, record…

I moved onto Forumgallerian and recorded the escalator heading into Akademibokhandeln, after that I recorded an escalator in the middle of the mall itself. With lots and lots of people looking at me, probably having no clue what I was doing. Then I went to Stadium (still in the mall) and asked a cashier if I could record there, she told me to ask someone downstairs, so there I asked the first person but he said I should ask the boss, and she was nearby. At first she didn’t really get what I meant, so I had to be more specific – but then she chuckled and said okay.

Heading out from Stadium and walking towards Åhléns I noticed that SkiTotal also had an escalator, and I couldn’t let it be. Didn’t bother with asking anyone there if it was okay, but they didn’t stop me so I figure it was. The thing I noticed here is that newer escalators doesn’t make as much sound as older ones, which is of course perfectly normal, but also boring.

Åhléns was a bitch to record at, there was people everywhere and I had to walk back and forth a lot. In total I got about four-five trips before I had enough. And I made my merry way to H&M where I went for the top floor and asked a cashier there, his co-worker instantly said “You can’t take pictures” to which I replied that I was just gonna record sounds, the first cashier then asked “Uh, you’re gonna record the escalator“. Obviously I said yes, and he told me that there shouldn’t be a problem.

At H&M I had the same problem as I did at Åhléns, lots of annoying walking and people. But I still got some nice recordings. And here was the first – and only – time someone actually asked me what I was doing. After H&M I went across the street to Indiska and they had no problems with me recording the escalator, but they seemed confused as to why I would want to. But they didn’t say or ask.

Then onwards to Tropez Records where I didn’t spend long, their escalators didn’t sound much at all. The escalator at Clas Ohlson (in S:t Per) is very short, and in order to record it more I would have to go up another escalator and out on the street and back, and I really didn’t wanna do that – so I just recorded it once. There is however, as mentioned, an escalator going up from Clas Ohlson so I spent a few minutes recording it and it will probably be some nice material.

Then into Stadium (in S:t Per) where an old classmate was working, and I think she recognized me (if you read this, did you?), but she said it was okay to record there and they were sounding very nice. After Stadium I walked to New Yorker where I again was allowed to record, but I didn’t stay there for too long, but got some good material.

My last stop was Intersport and some young kid found me (and what I did) very interesting, sadly their escalators weren’t too fun-sounding but probably material worth using anyway.

This adventure started when I left my apartment at 14:30, and I got home at 17:30. The total length of all recordings are 1 hour, 19 minutes and 2 seconds. The filesize is 797MB. Then again, there’s a lot of stuff to remove, which will most likely take quite a while.

Also, I don’t wanna know how many times I used the word escalator in this post. 14 times with the previous one.

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