Summarizing 2011

Another year, and another time to summarize what I’ve done, just like I did in 2009 and 2010.

One album, five EP’s and one gig.

So compared to the past two years I haven’t been that creative. Or well, I haven’t released as much.

The first release was the recording of my gig in Gävle, and in June came Bright Light which was a prelude to Staring Into Strange Eyes. The latter was, as you probably won’t remember, a long time in the making and it relieved a lot of stress.

During summer I spent some days in Ängelholm and recorded a whole bunch of sounds which turned into ÄH. The artwork for the EP was originally meant to consist of bead art and cross stitches, but there were some difficulties with that so I ended up using a map of the city.

On November 8th I curated a gig for which I not only made the poster, but I also made a video piece (and an EP with the same name). And I may or may not have been a part of a group which preformed.

And not too long ago, the birthday tradition lived on as I turned 28.

I managed to complete two projects during the year, but they have yet to be released. The main one being the new Reversed Obesity album (entitled Dirt), which I’ve been told is “damn good noise” and “rather violent”. I also finished a project based on vinyl crackling, the title for it is unknown at this time.

So what did I plan for 2011? What didn’t happen and what did? Let’s recap.

  • Release of Staring Into Strange Eyes
    Yeah, in August.
  • Hjorten / La Nausée collab
    Nope, but it was almost close.
  • Release of a “secret” compilation project
    No, but it’s in the works.
  • A full length album based on field recordings
    Not even close.
  • A compilation based on vinyl crackling
    Sort of. It turned into an album but hasn’t been released.
  • Gig(s)

And my plans (or hopes I should say) for 2012?

  • Release vinyl crackling album
  • Release of the Hjort / Zetterberg / Åberg split
  • Release of Reversed Obesity – Dirt
  • Finish the escalator project
  • Complete the “secret” compilation
  • Gig(s)

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