Music From Escalators, an introduction.

Armed with my Edirol R-09 and two JrF contact mics I spent 2011 recording all of Uppsala’s public escalators. I ended up with 29 files with a size of 1,68 GB, and a total of 2:51 hours, but that also includes sounds that came from handling the mics and walking from escalator to escalator.

During the year I’ll post sporadic updates on how the project is progressing. All I can say now is that I have no idea what it will sound like, but the title is Music From Escalators, and my plan is to make it all as one track, over an hour long.

The title is a paraphrase of Brian Eno‘s classic album Music For Airports.

My goal is for this project to be released on CD, most likely on deersound, unless I can find a label that is interested in releasing it.

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