Finding friends through remixes

Some time in 2007 I as usual went into a local music store and headed straight for their “demo shelf”. It was more or less a daily routine for me, always hoping to find a new demo by a local group/artist.

And that very day I found something special, namely Geld‘s first and only demo; Livshatförgöraren. I had no clue what it would sound like, but I figured I would like it, so I bought it.

I started listening to the demo when I got home, and I really wasn’t disappointed. They were good. Damn good. I remember thinking it sounded like slow electronic punk, and that is probably still the best way to describe it. It’s probably worth mentioning that I was listening a lot to EBM and electronic music at the time.

I friended Geld on MySpace (insert clever “Dude, remember MySpace?” joke here) and told them that I really enjoyed the demo. After a while I got a reply where they said thanks and asked me if I wanted to remix their tracks. Of course I did. Even considering saying no had been a stupid idea.

So they sent me a CDR with the stems of each track, except the vocals for one track caused it had apparently gotten lost. Even so, I was looking forward to it.

At the time I had gone from using Sony Acid to FL Studio, but I didn’t feel that FL would be the ideal environment for that specific project as I was still trying to get into it. Thus, it was back to Acid.

I loaded each stem for the first track and started cutting and re-arranging everything. Big chunks of guitars were discarded, and a three-second loop was used through-out the entire track.

And that was pretty much what I did; cutting, reversing and re-arranging everything. No fancy magic, no cheap or expensive effects. But you know what, I still think the remixes are as strong today as they were when I made them.

Geld played live at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress in 2008 and that’s when they released the CDR, Livshatförgöraren Version 2, containing the remixes. Years later, they released it for free on the internet.

But not only did I make my first remixes, I also made two new friends.

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