Inspired by intoxication

You know that thin line between perfectly buzzed and drunk? The line that is rare and rather difficult to balance on? Thanks to cheap whiskey and ginger ale I managed to stand right on it while I was playing at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress as Reversed Obesity in 2009.

Thanks to the alcohol I wasn’t nervous, or too impulsive. It was a real nice gig, though I wanted a bigger crowd.

And speaking of Reversed Obesity, I’ve previously mentioned that half of Definition was recorded while I was drunk. For better or worse, I don’t know. What I do know is that pretty much anything goes when alcohol and music making meets.

I remember one day in June of 2009, I had been out drinking with some friends and had gotten home around three in the morning. That year I was working on Year Of The Deer, and at the time I felt that the June track was missing something.

Why not add some drums to it, my intoxicated mind asked me. And that’s what I did as the alcohol was gradually wearing off and making me tired. I think it took me about an hour and a half to properly get those drums into the track, then I went to bed.

I woke up several hours later and had apparently forgotten to shut off the computer. It made me remember the changes I had made to the track. Luckily, it actually sounded good and it fit the rather eclectic track.

Other times I’ve poured myself a nice whiskey and made music, and it has sort of helped the sound I was going for, but then I wasn’t even close to being drunk or even slightly buzzed.

I don’t need to drink to get inspired, it only tends to garble what I’m trying to do. And as for playing live, I think I’ll stick to doing it sober. When I need to be in control, it’s just stupid to drink something that makes you lose control.

That said though, there’s nothing wrong with drinking a beer and listening to your own music.

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