Introducing Pipe Monotron Sessions

As of last week I have a new side/jam project, its title is Pipe Monotron Sessions. And the title says what it is, me smoking my pipe and playing with (one of) my Monotron (Delays).

For the first session I used a pair of really old PC speakers to hear what I was playing, but I wasn’t too happy with the result. On the second session, which was recorded yesterday, I used my earbuds. The downside of that was that I needed to keep the volume pretty low on both the digital recorder and the Monotron, in order to not damage my ears.

I’ll probably experiment more in getting the perfect volume, both for recording and playing. But in the meantime, listen to, and download, May 2nd and May 8th on SoundCloud.

I’ll most likely end up uploading “old” sessions to some cyberlocker, or even, in the future since SoundCloud only allows 2 hours worth of sounds unless you pay.

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