Summarizing 2012

It’s the last day of 2012 so I might as well look back and see what I’ve done through the year, just like I did in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

One album, one compilation, three EP’s, one split and two gigs. One project sent to the grave, and another born.

It was a very idle year, for many different reasons. Work being the most obvious one. Anyway, in April my friends’ son was baptized, and my gift to him was a limited lathe cut with his own screams.

In the of May I travelled to Umeå with Manifesto and Audio.Warfare (RIP) to play at Noisebath. It went well and I managed to sell some records.

The first day of July saw the light of a split release with M. Zetterberg and M. Åberg.

A somewhat rainy day in August I played at Galleri 1 in Uppsala while a dancer performed.

September brought Reversed Obesity‘s Mourning Ritual, which was later followed by Dirt and it also marked the death of the project, after five years.

Gråzon was founded and will hopefully grow stronger during 2013.

And as usual my birthday tradition kept on living as I turned 29 only two weeks ago.

To-do list for 2012.

  • Release vinyl crackling album
    Nope, but it was completed and at least sent to one label.
  • Release of the Hjort / Zetterberg / Åberg split
  • Release of Reversed Obesity – Dirt
    Hell yes.
  • Finish the escalator project
    Not even close.
  • Complete the “secret” compilation
  • Gig(s)
    Yeah, two.

What will hopefully be done next year:

  • Release VNL (aka vinyl crackling album)
  • Release of BDSM inspired EP
  • Complete the escalator project
  • Record and release the Gråzon debut
  • More work based on field recordings
  • Gigs

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