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What they say

They say silence is golden; John Cage claimed that silence doesn’t exist; Vader sang “the absence of noise does not mean silence”. Either way; I’ve been rather silent with regards to my music, even though plans have come and gone. Something went missing, something I can’t put my finger on. I have plenty of time […]

Summarizing 2012

It’s the last day of 2012 so I might as well look back and see what I’ve done through the year, just like I did in 2009, 2010 and 2011. One album, one compilation, three EP’s, one split and two gigs. One project sent to the grave, and another born. It was a very idle […]

Jumping on the 12-12-12 bandwagon

At first I thought of doing some very silly ideas for 12-12-12 but eventually decided against it. Instead I would write about and explain my silly ideas, but no matter how many times I rewrote the text it always ended up sounding way too pretentious. Finally I decided to make a 12-second track just for […]

Introducing Dust

Not too long ago I started another project; its name is Dust, and because of its slow production process there won’t be many frequent updates. At the moment it’s at its second step and that will take at least three to four weeks, the third step will most likely take about half of that. The […]

One of fifty

I recently got the killerpack of Bong-Ra‘s album Monolith. Click each image for a bigger version. The vinyl, or should I say vinyls. Sadly, they had been abused by the postal service. Inside the gatefold case was a poster. A toetag with some information on, including my name missing the J in Hjort. The toetag […]

Introducing Pipe Monotron Sessions

As of last week I have a new side/jam project, its title is Pipe Monotron Sessions. And the title says what it is, me smoking my pipe and playing with (one of) my Monotron (Delays). For the first session I used a pair of really old PC speakers to hear what I was playing, but […]

Live in May

I’ll be using the new love of my life; Korg Monotron Delay.

Inspired by intoxication

You know that thin line between perfectly buzzed and drunk? The line that is rare and rather difficult to balance on? Thanks to cheap whiskey and ginger ale I managed to stand right on it while I was playing at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress as Reversed Obesity in 2009. Thanks to the alcohol I wasn’t […]

Finding friends through remixes

Some time in 2007 I as usual went into a local music store and headed straight for their “demo shelf”. It was more or less a daily routine for me, always hoping to find a new demo by a local group/artist. And that very day I found something special, namely Geld‘s first and only demo; […]

Different approaches to noise

You’re your own worst critic, or you should be, and back in 2006 when I first started out making horrible (in a bad way) noise, I wasn’t. I uploaded everything I did, and rarely looked back at what I did. In way it was a good thing, but generally I’d say that it was a […]