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A new toy

A few days ago I bought a used Roland SPD-6. I’m mainly gonna use it for triggering sounds, but for the time being I don’t have the cable I need. So here’s some random play on it.

Music From Escalators, update 1: Editing the sources.

As mentioned in the first post about the project, the total length of the sounds is 2:51 hours. But that included a bunch of unwanted sounds. Now, after some heavy editing, the total length is down to 2:07 hours. Below you can hear an example of the unwanted sound, and also a brief sample of […]

Music From Escalators, an introduction.

Armed with my Edirol R-09 and two JrF contact mics I spent 2011 recording all of Uppsala’s public escalators. I ended up with 29 files with a size of 1,68 GB, and a total of 2:51 hours, but that also includes sounds that came from handling the mics and walking from escalator to escalator. During […]

Summarizing 2011

Another year, and another time to summarize what I’ve done, just like I did in 2009 and 2010. One album, five EP’s and one gig. So compared to the past two years I haven’t been that creative. Or well, I haven’t released as much. The first release was the recording of my gig in Gävle, […]

On the cover

A short while ago I was contacted by a journalist from Upsala Nya Tidning, they were going to ask a bunch of local music acts about their favorite covers. And they wanted me to participate. My list is as follows: Marilyn Manson – Sweet dreams (are made of this) (Eurythmics) Frida Snell – Bullet with […]

Poster boy

Long time, no post. Well, here’s some news. On November 8th I’ll be curating (read: organizing) Brus. I’ve hooked up the acts, and on Monday I’ll have a meeting with a guy about stuff I need to know/fix. And here’s the poster I made for the evening. It took me about two hours, while watching […]

My first mixtapes

My friend shwS wanted me to make a mixtape for her, so I did two. Introducing: Saltsten Mixtape. Side A Bloodhound Gang – Mama’s Boy (Hjort edit*) Krumelur – The Antpeople Dödfödd, DFT & Omikron – (En) Lång stubin Einstürzende Neubauten – Seele Brennt Beatfanatic – Jorden Skall Kalla (Earth) Venetian Snares – Sajtban Big […]

Walk and walk and walk

Another day, another recording session. Took the bus to IKEA, recorded their three escalators, then onward to Bolandcity where they had removed the escalator I saw some months ago and really wanted to record. They did have a new escalator but it wasn’t making too many interesting sounds, still – it needed to be recorded. […]

It keeps on escalating

It was time for another escalator recording session so I went to Gränby köpcentrum. There were more escalators than I remembered, but then again, I haven’t been there for over a year. I don’t really have much to tell, because everything went fine. Except for a H&M person telling me I had to ask their […]

Future dirt

It seems I’ve been getting into a noise mood quite recently. It will end up in some sort of Reversed Obesity release this year, not sure on what medium or its total length. But noise is being made, and the working title is Dirt.