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Recordings that just keep on going

Today I set out with my faithful Edirol R-09 to record the escalators downtown. I didn’t really know how many locations I would be recording at, but I had an estimate in my head. My first stop was Uppsala Konsert & Kongress but I was told by a security guard that the place was closed […]

Why so cereal?

Another Valentine’s Day

I enjoy my own made up traditions, so here’s this year’s picture. Click for full-size version

It puts the ink on its skin

It should come as no surprise that I have a couple of tattoos. And quite recently, the 23rd of September to be exact, I got started on a rather extensive and expensive project. A full-sleeve on my left arm. To the left you see the first two pictures taken right after the first session, and […]

A Bleak Review

Last week I logged into MySpace, something I rarely do. I had one new mail to my amazement. It was from a guy who had reviewed Bleak. Some exceprts: The song sounds as lifeless and cold as it’s title suggests, but only in a good way. It starts with a strong, repeating and echoing note […]

Maybe I was wrong

As I’ve previously mentioned, Håkan Lidbo was commissioned to create a vuvuzela track by Swedish Radio. And I thought it would sound like generic electronica, but it actually doesn’t. That said, I personally don’t think the track itself is exciting. It’s rather bland and it could’ve been any track if it weren’t for the new-found […]

Vuvuzela Electronica Generica

Swedish electronica composer/producer Håkan Lidbo has been asked by Swedish Radio P2 to create a vuvuzela song. It’s not surprising at all. I’m also assuming the song itself won’t be surprising or anything different from what he’s done before. I have nothing personal against Håkan, but I find his music (while well-produced) boring. There are […]

Remixed RNB

Not much to tell, still waiting on the EP’s from Witte Dood. Remixed a Kolme Euroo track, listen below: Kolme Euroo – Yvitupiuano (Lazy switch remix by Hjorten)

Musical change

In march I replaced all the music on my mp3 player, and just as I got home from work today, the last song was played. I took me quite a while to choose the albums to replace the old ones with, but I got a nice mix. Much I haven’t listened to in years, and […]

I’m a bootlegger, yes I am.

As mentioned before I’ve got three EP’s coming up on Witte Dood and just like before, I’m gonna do a friend version of them. Actually, I’m already done with it, as you can see below. Though, I’ll have to wait until I give it to people since the EP’s haven’t been released yet. But still, […]