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Change of tunes

Walking to, and from, work without music would be hard for me to do. Even walking home from O‘s place without music is hard, and that takes about ten minutes. As you might understand, I need music to work in society and among my friends. Today I removed all previous albums from my mp3 player […]

Summarizing 2009

Three albums, five EP’s, one split, one compilation and two gigs. All in all, a pretty idle year if you only count the actual releases, but if you count the work I’ve put down, it wasn’t so idle after all. 018: Experimental took a lot of energy to get done, and not just deciding on […]

Selling out

I have released several albums and ep’s, almost too many to count (actually 12, on deersound alone). And of all of those almost none have sold out, granted; that’s not my main goal, but it’s nice when it happens. Av / På sold out pretty quickly, mainly because it was only limited to five copies. […]

Confusion, eh?

Earlier this week I sent Necrophilip, also known as La Nausée, a bunch of my releases. He has now gotten them, and this was said on IRC: <@Necrophilip> please don’t make any more “Not”-albums by Johan Hjort <@Necrophilip> unless thats what you want to specifically do <@Hjorten> why not? <@Necrophilip> ;-););) <@Hjorten> because of the […]

Back to work

Today’s my first day at work in a month, which means I’m no longer on sick leave. I’ve managed to really mess up my sleep once I’ve been off work, and started trying to fix it last Thursday. Last night I felt tired enough to sleep, so I got to bed at 23:10. At about […]

Digital Versatile Annoyance, part deux.

Yet again, I’m annoyed on a DVD related issue. I like buying DVD‘s. I like Jimmy Carr. So I figured I’d buy his new DVD, Telling Jokes. But that was easier sad than done. wants 139 SEK (ex. shipping) for it, as does So I check some Swedish sites; and of the ones […]

Digital Versatile Annoyance

I’ve been spending my first few days of sick leave re-watching Scrubs on DVD. The nordic versions of season 1-4 is working nicely, but when I today started watching season 5 I noticed a rather annoying thing; the total length isn’t show. Only the length of the current episode. So there’s no way for me […]