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The future of change

As of today, my last three EP’s on Witte Dood have been released. And yesterday I found out that I’ll be playing a gig in the end of September, I’ve already started planning for it, and I think it’ll be great. Decided that I’m gonna do a sort of “megamix”, meaning a bunch of my […]

Return of Hjort of the week, sort of.

As the title states, Hjort of the week will return. Sort of. I won’t be doing any more pictures, but I will remake the website and make it public again. That’s all for now.

New deersound website

As of today the brand new deersound webiste is online. A couple of days ago the coding nerve started itching so I sat down and made a simple sketch of how it would look. And I actually made it look exactly how I wanted, though it looks a bit dodgy in Internet Explorer 7. Not […]

Tuesday troubles

No, not really. Yesterday I started on the track for September, got some interesting sounds so far – we’ll see how it ends up. Should get started on the deersound website and prepare to move the content from The sounds of Hjorten to The works of Johan Hjort. Also, if you’re interested, I started twittering […]


Finally! I’ve just made my portfolio website public. Sat till five this morning writing on it. The biography alone took about an hour and a half.


The Year of the Deer track for July was almost done when I took a 3 kilometer long walk in the summer heat, during the walk I realized that I’d rather see the track on a release of its own. So I started working on another track for July, which so far is going well. […]

Portfolio, a drag.

For quite some time I’ve been meaning to remake my personal portfolio site and last night I sat down with some good music and got started. So far I’ve only completed writing stuff about the full length albums, but I intend to complete the EP’s before I go to bed. Once the portfolio is all […]